Sunday, July 25, 2010

Break of Dawn

Seriously, this place never fails to disappoint. Never! I feel like sometimes I come here just to see if this time, THIS TIME, I'll be sorely disappointed by the quality of the food. Nope. Not this time. I'm starting to think that this day will never come. But that's fine by me. Break of Dawn, you've stolen my heart.

The Foodie (now, how can you turn something that's called "the foodie" down?)
It's a beef tongue stew topped with a perfectly poached egg

Mac and Cheese
Not your ordinary mac and cheese. It's bold in flavor and has a great combination of textures. And, it's not breakfast until you top it all off with an egg.

The biggest, most delicious cinnamon bun around.

Short ribs with Merlot poached eggs
I was amazed at how much flavor the sauce had. It was extremely bold, and you could definitely tell it was reduced a lot!
I was also impressed by how much the eggs tasted of merlot! A technique I'm going to have to try at home to impress everyone!
BBQ pork with tempura eggs
It was incredibly filling and the batter around the perfectly cooked tempura eggs was delicious.
The inside of my tempura egg, YUM! I'll take ten, please.

And, thanks to Chef Dee Nguyen!
You can't go wrong with creme brulee!

Honestly, breakfast has never tasted so good! I think I stole this tag line from somewhere...but they lied. Because Break of Dawn is where breakfast earned the description, "finesse". Where else can you get an array of breakfast dishes done with a twist that's not only incredibly filling (I rarely finish my food, not because it's not AMAZING, but because the portions are so generous), but absolutely delicious and complex in flavors. Break of Dawn is for the adventurous--if you're not ready for your definition of breakfast to be flipped upside down then you're not ready for the concoctions of Chef Dee Nguyen.

I could rant and rave about this place all day, but you're really going to have to try this place for yourself. Great food, great service, even better story about why the restaurant exists. Go, Go, GO!

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