Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Eggplant With A Thumb?

I was at the supermarket the other day when I came across this strange yet rare find; an eggplant with a thumb! Let's face it, this is just down right hilarious! I have to admit that my aunt, my mom, and I laughed for a good five minutes over this peculiar speciman.
Don't you just love the curve balls mother nature throws at us sometimes? She obviously has a sense of humor too.

No Lava Flows?!

This is kind of late, but after uploading all the images from my Blackberry, I realized that I had left a few details out from my Canada trip.

So, because I am of legal drinking age in Canada, I leaped at my chance to have a drink at a restaurant. What I really wanted was a lava flow, and when I asked the waitress what kind of drinks their bar offers, she told me that it was a almost a full bar and asked me what I would like. And just to throw it out there, I absolutely LOVE pina coladas and lava flows (virgin in the states of course). So I asked the waitress if I could have a lava flow. She gave me a look of confusion and asked me what a lava flow was. I looked back at her with an even more confused look and thought to myself, "You say you almost have a full bar...yet you have not the slightest idea what a lava flow is?" So I told her that it was a pina colada with blended strawberries. And ofcourse she replied that she doesn't think the bar has the ingredients to make that and asked if I would like a strawberry dacquiri or strawberry magarita as a second choice. I opted for the dacquiri. And it was okay, my only complaint would be that the ice was too coarse; and that complaint would be besides the fact that they didn't have my beloved lava flow!