Thursday, November 13, 2008


When one country wars with another, the most devastating part is that lives are lost, people are displaced, and memories are tainted.
Diaspora is the basis of many cuisines. With the movement of bodies, comes a movement of minds, cultures, and knowledge of food. Greatness comes of this clash of peoples; the mesh of culture and more specifically the fusion of food.
Fusion foods and cuisines fascinates me. It can often be mainstream culture, not as in kitsch, but as in who people are; a representation of what people call home. The best way to experience culture is when it is served to you on a plate, in a bag, with a side a love, and time. The kind of culture that is meant to be injested, to be enjoyed, and to be inspiring.
Though tragic wars do take place, it is because of these wars that the birth of GREAT cuisine is possible!


Don't you just love how food has that comfort property? I do.
It brings people together.
It's part of our everyday lives.
It's part of our after lives. Our family's after lives.
It's universal. It's individual.
Savored. Taken for granted.
Rustic. Strategic.
It's emotional. Sweet. Bitter. Spicy. Sour. Salty.
It's everything.
It's primordial.
It's who we are. What we do.
What we eat.