Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mil Jugos in Santa Ana

Seriously, there is nothing about this place that I don't like...well, I guess there is ONE thing...IT'S TOO FAR AWAY!!
This time my Matt and I had the asada arepa, the chicken salad arepa (who knew that cold chicken and potato salad in a hot corn cake would be so delicious?), and a queso blanco charapa (pardon any spelling errors), banana juice (must try!!), and guava juice.

If I could only order ONE thing from mil jugos, i would order the queso blanco charapa. It's fresh cheese and white sauce wrapped in a sweet corn "pancake" and it's hot and slightly crispy on the outside from the caramelization of the corn on the outside and cool and creamy from the cheese in the center. that paired with a mixture of the two sauces make for the perfect meal. i'm seriously salivating just thinking about it!!

Mil Jugos never fails to impress me, or fill my belly! Go, Go, GO!!

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