Monday, July 12, 2010

Waffle Craving

I think the best waffle I've ever had was at Northstar Ski Resort. I'm pretty sure that the reason I love it so much is because it's really good, and not solely because I can eat it as I snowboard.

I remember the first time I discovered it. I was lured in by the aromas of vanilla and a sweet sugary scent. But there was something strange about this waffle, it was a dough and not a batter. How peculiar.
I was definitely intrigued.

"One waffle please."

It was warm and toasty to my cold hands. It was crispy and caramelized on the outside because of the sugar bits in the dough and it was fluffy as could be on the inside. It's a flavor and texture that I'll never forget.

I would love to try and duplicate the recipe, but I am sadly without a waffle iron. This is because I try to avoid single purpose appliance (this is also the reason why I haven't gotten around to buying an ice cream maker either).

But I think I must give in!!!
Here are a few recipes that I really want to try:

Now all I have to do, is find the perfect waffle iron.

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