Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miscellaneous Mondays and Tuesdays

The randomness that is Monday and Tuesday starts here:

CHOCOLATE WINE? Yes, please! It smelled really strong but was really delicious and chocolate-y when sipped--it's definitely comparable to Bailey's--but less pricey. If you ever stumble across this item (imported from Holland--but I found it in my local Japanese market) I recommend trying it!
Although, there's really no good replacement for dessert, this one comes pretty close.

Mattern Sausage and Deli--one of my favorite places to grab a bite (Spicy Polish. Yum!--With mustard and sauerkraut; what more could a girl ask for?) It's a pretty messy roll, I almost ALWAYS go through a large stack of napkins. But that's half the fun anyways!
The funny thing about Mattern is, is that it is literally located ten feet (if even) from a Weinerschnitzel. Why would anyone ever choose a fast food chain over and authentic mom & pop deli? I just don't get it...
Crystal Cove (It was hot and sunny in Irvine, but to our disappointment, we could not say the same for the beach towns)

Beautiful vintage-esque wine savers.

GIANT gummy bear! (it says blue raspberry flavor, but the gummy bear sure wasn't blue...)
I'll stick with my regular sized gummies, thanks.

Laguna Beach: Candy Barron (It was SO crowded for some reason, and remember, this is a totally random Monday in April. I really wanted candy after Matt and I walked through the Dr. Seuss Gallery...but it wasn't worth the wait for one piece of peppermint taffy.)

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blackonyx said...

I've totally been to that Dr. Seus gallery! It's awesome! I'll have to go back sometime and go the candy store :)