Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taiwanese Porridge

What can I say about Taiwanese porridge, other than it's absolutely delicious? (And that I'm lucky enough to live just 2 mins away from it!)

I think I like it so much because it's like comfort food; the the mac and cheese of the Far East.

Taiwanese porridge is different from the porridge you would get at a Chinese restaurant in that instead of giving you porridge with all the goodies in it already, you get plain porridge with large chunks of yam in it (probably my favorite thing about it) and then you get to choose two very flavorful cold side dishes, from at least 20 different choices, to eat with your plain porridge. They have everything from spicy honeycomb tripe, to cold marinate beef, to cold jellyfish, to bitter melon--you name it, they've got it.
Matt and I had ours with pickled cucumber, bean curd, soy beans and pickled turnips, and salted duck. (And of course we asked for a side of chili sauce)
Did I mention that you get endless refills of porridge? How amazing is that?
(Let me tell you though, it's VERY filling. Matt and I rarely ask for seconds!)

ALL this food was only $15! So it works out to a little more than $7 per person. Worth it? You bet your bottom dollar!

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