Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chicken Maison

I love kebobs! I think what really gets me about kebobs, is not only because I LOVE all things skewer-ed, but kebobs always have the best caramelized grill flavor that makes my mouth water.
They are perhaps one of my favorite foods--moist chicken kebobs served with a side of creamy Lebanese garlic sauce, plus an incredibly friendly had me at "hello".
Chicken Maison in Santa Ana is exactly that!
I had the Chicken kebob combo with potato salad and coleslaw (Greek style--it's made with this incredible vinaigrette instead of mayo)
Matt had the chicken kebob combo with Chicken Maison Rice and hummus (I kind of scoffed at Matt when he ordered rice as one of is two sides, but it turns out that this wasn't just any rice. It was deliciously interesting--in a good way! It was spiced with what tasted like nutmeg and was cooked with little grapes. Surprisingly good)

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