Saturday, April 17, 2010

Venezuelan Food

Ethereal. Not in the floaty, marshmallow-y, fluff kind of way, but in a hearty, flavorful, stick-to-your-ribs-till-you-cry-because-it's-so god-damn-good kind of way. I cannot begin to describe how wide my eyes opened after taking my first bite of the Asado Arepa--I think a rendition of Usher's O.M.G. started playing in my head. It was meaty--coated in a deep dark sauce that was as deep in flavor as mole. AMAZING. Matt had the Pabellon, which was to say the least, a delicious blend beans, carne, and freshly shaved cheeese...and you wrap all of that in a grilled corn bread and you've got yourselves a winner! (Definitely better than a burger...or a slider!!) We also had the Cachapa Con Carne Mechada--That was the highlight for me! It was delicious shredded beef with a whole chunk of delicious white cheese all wrapped in the most delicious sweet corn pancake you will ever come across! It literally put a smile on my face.

They serve their dishes with two different sauces, one was creamer and less spicy, and one was pretty spicy but came out of the squeeze bottle looking more like a blended salsa. I couldn't decide which one I like I mixed them together, making them one whole new sauce! YUmmm (mixing was per suggestion out o so friendly waiter).
Cachapa Con Carne Mechada

The Asado

The Pabellon

And since it's name is Mil Jugos, we had to get a juice to wash it all down with--strawberry was my drink of choice--and as you can probably guess, it was incredibly refreshing after all that meat!!

Side note: Their service is amazing! They were incredibly friendly and that's what made the entire experience that much more enjoyable. Our waiter took the time to explain to us what's in each of the dishes we were thinking about ordering. He and one of the cooks also made sure we were doing O.K. every so was probably because we looked like first-timers!

Verdict: cozy, robust, friendly meal! Muy bueno!

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