Monday, April 19, 2010

Ice Cream

"Currently following Coolhaus on Twitter."

That probably sounds completely lame (even to me), since I've pretty much given up on following ghost trucks across Los Angeles. I mean, I HAVE been searching for that mobile they call a Kogi Truck for the past year and have still come up empty handed...well that and I've discovered Hashigo in Costa Mesa that serve kal-bi tacos that are said to be significantly better. (
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE street food served from a truck or a cart--but if I have to chase you through a city that's 450+ square's a losing battle (for me that is).

That said, I've just come across this website for an all natural-ice cream sandwich ice cream truck (wow, that was an awkward sentence...) and the pictures have definitely sparked my interest. But is it enough to get me back on the road to hunt for novelty on wheels?

We'll see if I have any luck with this one. Maybe it'll change my mind about traveling food trucks.

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