Saturday, April 10, 2010

There's BUTTER In My Ramen...

Shio Butter. That's what caught my eye last night when Matt and I went our for Ramen at Mentatsu in Costa Mesa. I was going to get the my usual Shoyu ramen but really?...Butter ramen? I had to try it. I had never heard of it before, let alone eaten it, and since this ramen place had a good reputation, what could go wrong?

So without even reading the description I ordered it.
Yes, folks that would be a chunk of BUTTER in my soup. If I had to guess, it started out as a two tablespoon pat of butter when it got to my table, but by the time my initial surprise dissipated and I finally pulled out my camera--this was all that was left floating in my bowl before I scooped it up in my spoon to get a better look.
There was a pat of my hot soup. I felt guilty just watching as that chunk of butter quickly turned into buttery slicks skimming the top edges of the bowl.
I was apprehensive upon first dive to say the least.
But it smelled incredibly good, like buttered toast, or buttered popcorn.
So I grabbed my spoon and sipped the soup.
WOW! It was rich and buttery, but not too rich and the grease didn't coat my lips like I thought it would.
As I pulled each bite of ramen out of the soup and through the butter top, each strand of noodle glistened.
It was by far the strangest, most addicting, and incredibly delicious find this week.
So to my earlier question, "What could go wrong?"
Hmm...well for starters, I woke up this morning wanting another bowl!

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