Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caramel Connoisseur

I grew up eating TONS of caramel candies--rolos, milk duds, milky ways, Werther's Originals (by far one of my favorite hard candies)--Every Halloween, I would happily flip my jack-o-lantern bucket upside down from high up in the air on to my bed as I rifled through all of my Halloween sweets in search of all the caramel treats. So while others were busy counting how much candy they had gotten that night, all I cared about was how much caramel was in that bucket.

I don't think I've ever lost that sweet tooth for caramel (I still have a sweet tooth for a lot of things, come to think) In fact, in middle school I would make caramels all the time once I discovered how amazing corn syrup was for chewy candy making. And now I've stumbled across this brand new grown up caramel recipe--fleur de sel caramels:

Going to have to try to make these VERY soon!
Who can resist a chewy, mouth watering caramel? Not I!

(I might have to make several batches...I have a feeling these are going to disappear fast!)

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