Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yakitori, Dana Point Wine Festival, and A Nest Full Of Baby Birdies

What an eventful weekend!!
The homemade Yakitori grill that Matt and his Friends built. Probably the best construction/outcome of all their crazy ideas.
O, and Matt's special sake sauce (Super yummy. I would share with you the components of this sauce but it's a recipe that he's taking with him to the grave! I've tried to trick him into telling me, but sadly, he did not fall for it, AT ALL.)
Lots of skewering! (chicken thighs, beef, beef tongue--my personal favorite yakitori item, and chicken gizzard)

Dana Point Wine Festival! Thank goodness the sun came out, it made for a really nice day near the beach with LOTS of wine, beer, and tequila.

Our tasting glasses.

Yum! These were so good! It was (strip?) steak on crackers with this really delicious white sauce on top. Super tender and great complement to all the wine.

Melting pot was there! It totally satisfied my three day long chocolate craving.

Three different kinds of sausages with lots of dijon--couldn't help myself.

A delicious quesadilla--super cheesy!

Bun Ba Hue the morning after lots of wine

And look! Baby birdies in the cypress tree outside of Matts house! They're so fluffy, cute, and in the mornings...VERY loud!!--my camera does not do them justice.

What a deliciously successful weekend!

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