Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Last Trip

Something that I'll definitely miss is my dear breakfast nook--Break Of Dawn. I just had to make one last visit before I moved back to San Francisco where I'll have to find a new breakfast place that I can frequent. I made it my goal to try everything on the menu, and although I didn't reach that goal, I was pretty close--maybe 3 or 4 dishes shy. Matt said to me as we were perusing the menu, "This is our last time here for a while...we have to make it count."

I ordered the Casserole. I love a good soup in the morning! It was filled with delicious veggies and the best part was the melted cheese and of course, the poached eggs. This is probably one of the lightest dishes on the menu and I thought I could, but I was once again defeated by another one of Chef Dee's dishes. Delicious and filling, something I can always expect here.
Lobster spring rolls. (Maybe this is the reason why the casserole defeated me). I loved the skin of the spring roll--it was thin and extremely crispy, and never once did any part of the spring roll get soggy even when we ate it 15 minutes after they came out piping hot.
Lamb sausage with onyx rice. I love the idea of black rice! It catches a lot of attention and it's extremely dramatic when presented on a white plate.

I'll definitely miss this place. It's time for me to start my breakfast nook hunt.

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