Friday, August 6, 2010

Best Clam Chowder In Southern California?

Being from San Francisco, when you hear "THE Best Clam Chowder" claim anywhere else in California, you have your doubts. Ok, not just doubts, I'll admit, I was glaring at my computer as I was reading the online menu for The Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos. My train of thought went a little like this: "These crazy people have never even tasted good clam chowder, it's probably out of a most places out here." Cynical San Franciscan, I know, I know.

But, they did make me eat my words. This clam chowder was pretty good---I don't know about "The best" but it exceeded my expectations.

The calms were big and plentiful, the soup was creamy--but not too rich, it was sweet from the clams and the veggies, and it was...ok, ok, I'll admit it, the best clam chowder that I've had in Southern California. (Although the Cannery in Newport comes pretty darn close).

Mesquite Grilled Shrimp and Scallop Salad
I was disappointed by the over cooked scallops in my $20 salad.

Matt's Shrimp, scallop, and shrimp skewer with fries

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