Friday, August 6, 2010

The Most Nostalgic Breakfast

I remember growing up, my mom would take me to eat this sticky rice roll with shredded pork, preserved vegetable, all wrapped around a fresh and crunchy Chinese donut and it was heaven--it was one of the most delicious combination of textures I had ever tasted as a tot. When ever I hear that we're having this as part of a meal, my ears perk up and I get very excited! This is one of the most memorable breakfast foods from my childhood, and I've been searching far and wide for another taste.
Low and behold, oddly enough, I've found it here in Irvine at Yu's, the porridge place that Matt and I love to go to.

Sticky Rice Roll
Salty, crispy, chewy--all great textures and flavors conveniently wrapped up in a neat, easy to hold package.

Chinese Donut

Warm Sweet Soy Milk

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