Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Counter

Ahhh, The Counter...why have you been the talk of the town?

I love that you get to create your own burger--you're not bound to only several combinations of toppings and sauces.

The rosemary parm fries are a must try! They were incredibly flavorful and the garlic aioli that topped the fries was to die for!!!

As for the burger, when we ordered our burgers, the waiter "warned" us that their burgers are cooked medium so they were going to be pink throughout and he asked us if that was ok. My only thought was..."ok? OOOKKKK??? of course it's ok!!! what you SHOULD warn me of is if your burger is cooked well done and is brown and dry throughout..."
However, (yes folks, there's a downside)I don't care what kind of burger purest you are...please season your patties!!!!! The burger patty itself was flavorless and bland which was a disappointment because the fries were so good! If I'm going to pay 8 dollars and some change for a burger, i would hope that you can spare some salt on my patty.

AND...(maybe I over looked it but,) all I could think about as I sadly ate my bland burger was that they didn't have mushrooms! What kind of burger joint doesn't offer mushrooms? Outrageous! But then again, I could have just missed it on the menu, because really, who doesn't love mushrooms?

That being said, I still like the place and will probably be going back real soon! (Mostly for the fries)
What's there not to like about a place that offers a fried egg as a topping?

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