Friday, August 6, 2010

Flan and Jarritos

An unlikely combination. But when you're thirsty and craving flan, this is combination you get at El Buen Sabor in Tustin.
This is one of the few Mexican bakeries I've seen in the area, and it always smells of sweet confections.

They're flan was just as delicious as all those Yelpers say! It's got that "eggy" flavor that I adore about flan, and the caramel is rich and has just the right amount of burnt flavor. My only complaint is that although it was smooth and creamy on the top, it was chunky and gritty at the bottom--probably because all the gelatin settled. But other than that, it was a satisfying piece of flan. It's actually making me crave one right now.
After gym reward, anyone?

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