Monday, March 21, 2011

Psycho Donuts

Really, we stumbled on Psycho Donuts by complete accident.

After going to the San Jose Tech Museum to see the Body Worlds exhibit Matt and I wanted to hide away in a cafe and enjoy a steamy cup of coffee with a side of people watching and rain.

On a side note, Body Worlds is a fascinating exhibit! I encourage everyone to pay a visit even if you're not an anatomy geek, you'll learn a lot from all the artful displays. I half expected that they wouldn't allow photography but I was still disappointed by the "No photography allowed" sign at the entrance of the exhibit. Though, I must admit it made the experience more meaningful because instead of focusing on getting a good picture, I really took the time to examine the art and read all the descriptions. Honestly, I learned more from this exhibit than I ever did in any biology class!

Initially, Matt and I completely walked past this place. We were heading towards Phil's(?) but there were hoards of SJSU students studying inside, so we decided to turn around and walk back to Psycho Donuts. I'm glad we did.

It was something out of a donut horror movie. There were eyeball lights, crazy looking donuts, and a strawberry red haired girl in a nurses outfit standing behind the counter. "Would you like some bubble wrap to pop?", she reached out with two little squares of bubble wrap. I like this place already!

Art on the table

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, there were Capt'n crunch berries ALL over my donut clinging on by a healthy spread of marshmallow fluff and dusted with powdered sugar.
It's the cereal killer donut.

And this is the Apricotology donut.
In a nutshell it's an apricot fritter. And despite finding a hair in our first one, the second one was rather tastey (especially the top and the edges). It didn't really taste much like apricot, but it was a good fritter.

This place was pretty good. It's really just a novelty donut place that is an interesting"stumble upon" find, but I really wouldn't go out of my way to get a donut here.

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