Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering...

...the delectable looking cookies in my "banner" are from
Feel Good Bakery at the Marketplace in Alameda.

The Marketplace has slowly, but surely, become one of my favorite places to buy things like granola (from their bins, of course) and kale chips. Although, their products are a tad pricey, I wouldn't expect any less from a health food store...and in Alameda no less.

Some of my favorite finds at Feel Good Bakery are these raspberry jam cookies, lemon icing cookies, macarons, cheese-y all-seed bread sticks, French bread, and their apricot almond tart. I've also been meaning to try their pomegranate mousse tart but every time I go they either run out, or I'm not really in the mood for a tart.

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