Sunday, April 10, 2011


Last week Matt and I decided to meet up for a quick dinner at the Ferry Building after work. "Quick" turned out more to be "rushed" since we were so side-tracked by Boccalone, Miette, and Sur La Table. The Ferry Building is really our go-to place for specialty foods, like wines, salumi, aged steaks, cheese, bread and sweet confections. It's almost always crowded--on weekdays after work, you'll see people dressed in their business clothes making their way over to the building to enjoy a glass of wine with cheese as they await the ferry or to unwind from their long work day. On the other hand, weekenders flock to the Ferry Building to enjoy the boutique-sized food shops while others come during the early mornings to pick out the freshest produce at the Farmer's Market. This place also sees it's fair share of tourists passing through--you can always tell by their amazed faces and their hefty DSLRs around their necks (this is what Matt and I must have looked like at Pikes Place, minus the DSLR).

Matt passes through the Ferry Building everyday because not only does he work very close to the Embarcadero, but he also takes the Ferry to and from work. Lucky duck.

I, however, am not so fortunate. So, every time we decide to go, it feels like a treat!

After walking around for a bit and finally realizing that we only had 40 minutes left before Matt's ferry boards and before my parking meter runs out, we had to quickly decide what we wanted to eat. Sidekick for cheese? Boccalone for salumi? Hog Island for oysters? Japanese? Mexican? Bar and Grill? There are so many choices. We must have walked up and down the building twice debating over how we would choose where to go until Matt said he had seen a burger joint down one of the off-shooting hallways he'd wanted to try. I, admittedly, was a tad hesitant about going to another potential $10+ burger place, but with only 30 mins left, I agreed.

Gott's is the name. It reminded me of a New York mod sloppy joe's kind of place. They serve shakes, burgers, salads, ice cream, basically it's diner food tszuj-ed up. (It took me forever to find the proper spelling of "jooj").

We ordered garlic fries, Matt got a patty melt, and I got the ahi poke crispy tacos.

The taco was so much better than I had expected. I'm usually skeptical about Ahi since it's been so mainstreamed, but this taco did not disappoint. The fish was marinated with soy, ginger, and definitely had sesame oil. The poke piled on top of a bed of shredded cabbage with what tasted like a siracha mayo sauce topped with avocado, scallions, and sesame seeds all nestled neatly inside a fried shell. I think my favorite part of the taco was the fried flour taco shell.

The garlic fries look good don't they? That's what we thought too. Their glistening green parsley tinge persuaded us into choosing them over the shoe string sweet potato fries. Well, actually, they persuaded Matt into choosing them. Which then I relented. So I guess we're both guilty.

They were good. The garlic flavor was very present, without the burning sensation you get at most places who use raw garlic on their fries. The size and shape of the fry was to my liking (it passed the "MickeyD's" test) but the garlic oil made them soggy. After taking a few bites of my taco before diving into the fries, I definitely have to say, "Sorry, you were out-shined".

I will be back for the tacos though! You can count on that.

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