Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brazilian Breakfast

As we speak, I'm having one of the most delicious breakfasts--A savory fried Brazilian pastry with chicken and cream cheese and an Acai bowl from Sun Stream.

I've mentioned this place before in a previous post and hadn't been back since. Every morning when I drop Matt off at work from the East Bay, on my way home I always past by Sun Stream and get the urge to stop in. But I never do.

I'm really glad I did today; even in this pouring rain. (I knew the sunny weather wasn't going to last.)

If you've read my last post on Sun Stream, you already heard me rave about this place and the fried pastry filled with shredded chicken. So bare with me because I'm going to gush about it again! This darn thing is just so good! It's crispy on the outside with smooth and creamy dough on the inside, filled with shredded chicken that's just bursting with flavor. It sounds like it'd be too rich what with it being fried, doughy, and made with cream cheese, but it's not--it's very balanced and a perfect accompaniment to my acai bowl.

I've heard many good things about the acai bowl, apparently that's what the whole city goes to Sun Stream for. Although it may not be the perfect breakfast item for a chilly day like this one, it is incredibly delicious. The acai component of the bowl is made by blending frozen bananas with acai juice until it turns into a smoothie and then it's topped with thinly sliced bananas, and a generous handful of chunky granola littered with toasted coconut flakes and sliced almonds.

Ok, time to get back to eating before my entire acai bowl melts and my chicken pastry gets cold! Until next time, folks.

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