Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Art of Balancing

It's always nice to get away.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that a place so different from San Francisco, like Sausalito, is only a Golden Gate Bridge away. Today was the perfect sunny day to enjoy in the North Bay where there are lush green hills, quaint little stores, and a gorgeous view of the city.

Really, what else are sunny days made for but adventure?

It's hard not to love the view of San Francisco from across the waters! Especially when the sun is out and the skies are crisp and blue. Matt and I get giddy about days like these because it's an opportunity to go somewhere, sit outside, enjoy the weather with some great food, and just people watch (or in today's case, sailboat watch). We were talking about how we definitely missed this while living in Orange County, where although there are many sunny days, the skies are never, ever, this beautiful, crystal blue. It always seemed to have this gray/orange tinge in the OC, but San Francisco on a sunny day, amazing--just makes you want to lie out in the grass, kayak, or go for a bike ride. Maybe we appreciate sunny days more now that we've moved back to the city and this kind of weather is rather rare...but I just love when the sun's out and the ocean breeze is just right. And today is a fine example.

It doesn't hurt that a small town like Sausalito is so close and serves up breakfast/ brunch with a view either.

Eggs Benedict with Mushrooms (instead of Canadian Bacon)

Corn Beef Hash

After breakfast, we saw that a crowd had gathered across the street near the waters and heard a guy, with semi-broken English, asking people to visit his blog. We couldn't resist but to go over and see what he was doing. And this is what we found...

Rock balancing
I have to admit, this guy is pretty impressive!

Matt and I sat on the rocks by the water for, what I would have to say was a long, time watching this man balance huge rocks on top of little garden-scape sized ones. Although, we still don't quite understand how he was able to make these rather artistic columns with nothing but rocks, watching him was incredibly intriguing. Especially when you have a snack...

Vanilla Bean and Molokai Passion ice cream from Lapperts
Who can say no to ice cream?

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