Friday, February 18, 2011

Rainy Day Lunch

I like to pretend that spring is here (or almost here).

We were teased last week with beautiful, sunny, 60+ degree weather. But like all sunny days in the city of the Golden Gate...they don't last.
Although some say that this (this rainy, stormy, 40 degree ) weather is what February should look like, and I must agree that this weather is perfect for hearty stews and soups, I've just about had it with the wind and rain. So today, I marched out in my (not so smart) non-hooded trench coat, in search of some spring time good eats.

And this is what I stumbled upon:
Smoked salmon with cream cheese, red onions, and shredded cucumber on rye

So although it was pouring outside, I was indoors staring out of a window and enjoying my little piece of spring. March, I'm ready for you!

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