Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Cream Maker

You don't realize how fattening ice cream is until you make it yourself.
But, I'm the kind of girl that just can't say no to ice cream. Even when it's snowy outside.

As I mentioned before, Matt bought me an ice cream maker for Valentines Day. And as meteorologists predicted snow in San Francisco, we whipped out the ice cream maker and prepared for a snowy night in with movies, popcorn, and homemade ice cream.

Originally, we had wanted to be adventurous and make a fun flavor like lemon and sage sorbet or basil, honey, tart yogurt or a pistachio custard ice cream...but when push came to shove and we were shopping for ingredients we decided that we would just break in the new toy with a simple recipe.

So, we present to you: Oreo Ice Cream

The predicted snowfall never happened (well...a light flurry--so I hear, but nothing like the snowfall in 1976 as I had hoped), but the ice cream making did and now we have 1 1/2 pints of delicious ice cream. And as much as I love eating ice cream, I enjoy making it much more. I can't wait to finish this batch and make a whole new one. Any takers on helping us finish this one up?

I was debating whether or not to include a recipe in this post, but I decided against it. It was just a simple vanilla ice cream recipe with crushed oreos. But next time when we make something a little more exciting, I will definitely include what I hope will be a delicious recipe. (Although, this trial run did churn out a homemade frosty treat!)

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