Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Sushi, No Combination Dinner

The namesake:
This restaurant is truly a neighborhood gem. I recently found out about this place from a gentleman I met at the Asiago and Speck luncheon I attended last week.

I don't know how I let this place slip out from right under my nose! But from the moment he described this place to me, I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd pay Kappou Gomi a visit.

*** ***
Above the sign that reads "No sushi, No combination dinner", is the menu in matrix form (if you will). Pick your protein or veggie of choice and then choose a cooking method. Then follow the lines and BOOM...that's the name of the dish you're looking for!

The menu is extensive. They have everything from specially prepared sashimi to deep fried duck--and if you're sick of sushi and bento boxes, this is your calling.

We eat with our eyes first.

There's something that I've always admired about fine Japanese cuisine--attention to detail.
Everything is evenly cut, shredded, and sliced paper thin.
Each dish is kissed with color.
Each dish is a work of art.
Every piece of meat, every vegetable, and every garnish is carefully and methodically presented--a true masterpiece.

Kappou Gomi, is a very good example of that.


I never feel guilty about eating Japanese food (maybe the wallet does, but not the waistline!)

On to the food...

Tuna Yukke
(Can't say, "No" to a raw quail egg)

Beef Tatake

Karaage Chicken

Seafood bowl

Salt Grilled Sweet Fish
(Careful! There are lots of tiny bones!)

Crab wrapped with soba
(The crab is there! It's just hidden under the soba as the name suggests.)

AND of course, despite what the sign says outside, one woman did manage to come in confused as she browsed the menu. "Excuse me, where's your sushi?...The sign outside says 'sushi'".

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