Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meat On The Side

I've really been looking for a place that has good bun bo hue in norcal. For some reason, it seemed almost impossible since Matt and I had scoured the entire OC on only found a handful of bun bo hue places that we really enjoyed. I'm not really warranted to say who makes the most authentic bowl of noodle soup (since...I've never been to Vietnam and had the real thing) but I like to think that I'm a good judge of what tastes good and the noodle soup at Tay Ho in Oakland makes some amazing broth.
Bun Hue Tai

The reason why I love this: It's bun bo hue broth with raw steak (and though hesitant, the waitress relented and let me order with meat on the side. Bonus points). O and the waitress's mom is the one making the noodles in the back, uh hello, new bun bo hue place.

The broth is so rich in beef flavor, not to mention their "medium" was kick-butt spicy. I could not get through the bowl without ordering a soy milk to soothe the pain. But it hurt so good.

Matt's dish

Bun Rieu

The place did smell a little bit dank (especially the walk to the bathrooms), BUT who cares, it's Oakland Chinatown and their noodle soup is really, who am I to complain.

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