Monday, June 14, 2010

Korean Hot Pot

Why hello again!
I've finally have some time to sit down and do some good 'ole blogging! It's about time I catch you up on my recent food adventures! I have a month's worth of photos backed up!

Let's start here with Korean hot pot.

"How could I have not known about this?!" Was my first reaction when we walked into a nondescript Korean restaurant located in an Asian strip mall. I'm guessing that this is authentic stuff, because there were only Korean speaking staff and patrons. I really don't know a better place to try a new dish than at a place where they speak minimal English. I guess it's a good AND bad sign. Good because it's most likely going to be delicious, and bad because...well as you can guess, communicating with the staff is rough. But we did it!

A GIANT hot pot (big enough for 4) that was perfectly spicy with tons of meat

Banchan (Korean small dishes), my favorite part of any Korean meal

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