Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sake Tasting

I'm on a roll with Japanese food these days, huh?
Well, here are some pictures from the sake tasting I went to last night at Sushilicious near my place in Irvine.
I learned so much from our sake sommelier, who is literally one of only 20,000 in Japan. And there are only about 100-200 outside of Japan. Crazy, isn't it? But I guess it's not different from wine.
I also learned that the more polished the rice is before the brewing process, the more pure the sake--and the more expensive!
Next time I drink sake, I'll be looking out for purity!

The blue bottle was my favorite! It was incredibly fruity with notes of lychee and melon and was very light. Great for drinking on its own. (About $75 per 720ml in stores and anywhere from $90-100 for 720mL in restaurants)
Then, we had the white bottle which was very dry, and great with sashimi because it brings out the flavors of the fish.
And then finally, we had the green bottle which went well with foods more complex in flavors and was very dry as well.
Tako salad (octopus)--great with the blue bottle, and sashimi (salmon, yellow tail, and tuna)
Crab and greens wrapped in rice and a soy paper with a tempura shrimp, topped with a spicy mayo--SO GOOD!

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