Monday, May 3, 2010

Indian Buffet? Yes, Please.

I die for na'an...seriously, I do.

The first time I ever had Indian food was when I was a junior in high school, I believe. I was excited to have found this new cuisine, but also very sad that I had missed out on 17 years of eating Chicken Tikka Masala (don't judge me, as Indian food sell out as this may seem, I love this stuff). But it wasn't the curry that left me wanting more, it was the na'an--soft, chewy, and warm--it was unlike any other bread that I had ever had before.

I was hooked.

Garlic, plain, potato filled--I loved them all.

But once I moved to Orange County, it was hard to find Indian restaurants not only that, but it was difficult to find someone who would eat it with me--or so I thought.
Matt was the answer! He's an even bigger Indian food fanatic than I am--I love it, but he's IN love with it.

As filling as it is, we tend to crave Indian lunch buffets (which are much more affordable than dinner) at least two or three times a month.
Garlic na'an
(My love)
Tandoori Chicken
(Always moist! Don't be scared of the fire engine red--it's just deliciousness rubbed all over it)
My Indian lunch buffet must haves: Green Chutney (which, I'm embarrassed to say, I have yet to find the name for)--it tastes like it's made of cilantro, mint, caraway seeds or cardamom, and other spices; Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice (Only a scoop--have to save room for na'an), Samosa, and Cucumbers (just because I love them)
Mango Lassi
(Blend of Mango and Yogurt, it's very healthy and it's the perfect drink to soothe the heat from the curries)

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