Monday, May 3, 2010

And It Continues

Sorry folks, but the noodle obsession is still very much alive.

This time, it's Trieu Chau--thick rice noodles in a clear but flavorful broth (much better than the one Matt and I tried to make several weeks ago). The thing that I like most about Trieu Chau, other than the broth, is that each bowl is filled with goodies--meatballs, fish balls, fish cake, pork liver, shrimp, chicken, duck, ground pork, fried garlic bits, pork kidney, and shrimp (or any combination of the above, depending on where you go).

I like mine with lots of that green chili brine you see there--tangy and spicy.
Matt likes his with lots of fried chili oil. So much chili oil that it turns his entire soup bowl red--I have to admit, it is good that way.

Will you look at that...

Fried crab and shrimps cakes
(We could have done without, they were just like giant fried siu mai--with lots of ground fatty pork. They were good, but not mind blowing like anything with crab AND shrimp should be)

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