Thursday, March 11, 2010

Les Halles

O my gosh! I can't believe I forgot to mention that Matt and I went to Les Halles the first night we got there!...(of course we did!)

Here's what I wrote about it that night:

MMmmmMM the tartine maison, best pate I’ve had so far! It tasted heavily of liver, it was very “irony” I guess that Zimmerman guy would call it. It definitely had that meaty, organ-y flavor, that when eaten with a teeny-tiney sweet pickle is nothing short of amazing. Not to mention, it was a GENEROUS portion of pate.

Matt ordered the French onion soup per recommendation of Brad and Jeannie. That soup was something to write home about. It was dark in color and rich with the bold flavor of caramelized onion, had a healthy serving of ooey-gooey stringy cheese, and was just everything a French onion soup should be.

Matt also had the coq au vin, which was…well…the sauce was amazing because it had the right balance of red wine and THICK CUT BACON, but that did not veil the fact that the coq was DRY! Sauce: two thumbs up, coq: two thumbs down.

I ordered the hanger steak with a shallot sauce and fries. The hanger steak was GREAT. It was rich and tender and practically…creamy?! That perfectly medium rare cut of delicious hanger dipped in the shallot sauce was heaven on a fork. The shallot sauce was not only a deep chocolate color, but it tasted of chocolate with a sweet fruity kick. It made me smile!

And well the fries…

See I was really looking forward to the fries which were highly regarded by the love of my life, Anthony Bourdain…but needless to say…it was a let down.

Sorry Tony, the fries that you always rant and rave about…did not meet my expectations…but then again, Matt keeps reminding me that you haven’t worked there in almost a decade, maybe you should consider going back and reminding them of how to make fries that DON’T have a stale crunch!

O and did I mention the seating was…snug? Hmmm…understatement of the year. We were seated at one of the bench seating areas, and literally, we were sitting shoulder to shoulder. I could hear EVERY WORD that the people sitting on either side of me were saying, which made me self-conscious, because they could probably hear everything Matt and I were conversing about.

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