Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Best Pastrami EVER

The line outside of Katz literally spanned the entire block--it was insane. Luckily, it moved very quickly. I was kind of shocked by how much security and line regulation there was at Katz, but I guess with a deli that is so popular it needs it. Matt loved the yelling the security guards did to make sure everyone who was in line got in, and everyone else...can get to the back. They definitely kept it fair. To give you and idea of how strict they are--they wouldn't let this guy back in to the deli after he had briefly went outside...his family was still in Katz. But the "bouncer" told him to get to the back of the line, because he would be cutting everyone who had been waiting patiently to get in. I felt so bad for him.

After we got our tickets we got in line for the cutters...I could hardly wait! The smell of pastrami perfumed the entire deli.

Now to the important part...
THE PASTRAMI ON RYE...despite all the hype and despite making appearances on multiple food shows, Katz has managed to maintain it's amazing quality. The bread was light and sweet, and the pastrami...O THE was so tender and juicy, it literally melted in my mouth. And the flavor was just spot on, it was meaty, and it definitely was not too rich or fatty--and the best part was that they were very generous with the amount of meat on each sandwich.

I will never look at pastrami the same way ever again!

Problem: What happens when I crave this succulent sandwich again?...Hmm...still trying to figure that one out...

P.S. Make sure you keep your ticket even if you don't get anything...because they won't let you out otherwise...verdict: STRICT but Delicious!

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