Thursday, March 11, 2010


Matt had the suckling pig. This is what we came for!
He dissuaded me from getting it too, (rightfully so) so that we could have variety! It worked out.
Suckling pig cooked four ways...seriously? Heavenly! The pork belly was so crisp and savory, it was to die for.
The fish was a bit over-cooked, but everything else--the shell fish, and the squid ink gnocci was fabulous. I don't think I've had better gnocci anywhere else.

Matt had the sweetbreads with mango and granola! Yes, GRANOLA! I've never never could have imagined that granola and sweetbreads would go well together. But it was strangely satisfying.
Scallops!!! Cooked to perfection!

I was VERY pleasantly surprised by Gilt, and quite unexpectedly, I have to admit. I seriously thought that after having Le Bernardin the night before, that this was going to be over shadowed. But you know what, it wasn't. Matt and I were actually heartbroken because there were moments where we thought that this meal was better than Le Bernardin...but I'm still in excuse is that Gilt is more new age and Le Bernardin is more traditional, and therefore cannot be compared.
They were both great meals, and extremely memorable!

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