Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hallal Cart

Halal Cart on 56th and 3rd
Our first experience with New York food carts.
Thank goodness it was so close to our hotel!
It smelled amazing!! And the line was LONG, which is a great sign of delicious food. Lines don't lie!

We had no idea where to go with our cart food, so we decided to walk to Central Park which was only a few blocks away. That walk was torture! I was SO hungry.

Lamb and chicken plate with everything and extra hot sauce. That hot sauce is no joke! Matt and I needed extra napkins to wipe our runny noses. At least it kept our shivering bodies warm. And folks, this cart isn't just hype--o no, it's the real deal! It's the one thing about New York that I miss the most.

O, and is that sauce really Mayo? Who cares?! It was good!

Gyro! I call it a "yee-ro" but everyone calls it a "jy-ro". We may not agree on the pronunciation, but we can all agree that this cart really knows how to make one.

After all that food, it was time to enjoy the rest of Central Park!

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