Monday, July 11, 2011

Pakistani Food

This past weekend Matt and I went to Sonoma for the first time and had an amazing experience--the sun was out, it was hot, the people were young and friendly, and it was just a great day trip.  We had no idea that most of the tastings were complementary.  Definitely good reason to go back.  Anyways, that was supposed to be the post for today, but I'm having trouble taking the photos off of my phone so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Until then, I wanted to post a few photos of what we had for dinner tonight because I was so impressed by the food.  

We actually haven't had Indian food or Pakistani food in a really long time and it's because we ate way too much of it in Orange County.  I always get a food coma afterwards which is why I always end up choosing something else.  But after attempting to eat healthier (this would be diet day numero uno) and then thinking about chocolate cake and panna cotta all day, today felt like a good day for something very substantial like naan, paratha, and curry. 

Matt had been talking about this place that he and his dad went to for Father's Day.  He raved about the curry and had been wanting to take me there ever since, but again, one can only eat so much curry in a month.

Kabana in Berkeley.  

I have a thing for green sauces

Mango Lassi 

Crispy fried bread.  I think I prefer this to naan, but of course Matt disagrees.

Potato and Eggplant Curry

I think the only way I'd survive vegetarianism is if all I ate were flavorful curries.  When people ask me if I'd ever become a vegetarian or a vegan, I usually say, "Nope, not a chance. There's probably a greater chance of me winning the lottery. HA"  I could never go without meat, how could you go through life not eating perfectly med-rare steaks, salumi, and bacon? Insanity.   

Well, now I know how.  You come here, and you eat curry.

Goat Curry

Call me crazy, but I have a thing against goat meat.  It's a very strong and passionate thing. 
All throughout high school, I volunteered at the children's zoo, and it's really not because I think goats are cute and cuddly and that's why I don't eat them, but it's more that they (like goat or sheep's cheese) taste like the way they look and smell--old and barnyard-y.  Have you ever been to a petting zoo? 

Anyways, that's why I'm highly turned off by any type of meat from that family of animals.  But like always, even knowing I'm not a huge fan, Matt plops a piece of goat meat on my plate and I don't have the heart to turn it down.  I bite the bullet and try the goat thinking that I would just hold my breath, chew really fast, and swallow before it ever gets the chance to touch my taste buds. To my surprise, it was very meaty but it had not a single old, goaty flavor at all--it was actually really good.  Once I got past the, "'s smelly goat..." psychological aspect of it, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of goat meat in that curry.  And on top of that, the curry itself was perfectly spicy, balanced, and full of flavor. 

As I was telling Matt though, this place doesn't have me fooled for one second.  I still have not been converted to eating goat meat but if there were ever a place I'd have it again, it would only be here.


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