Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We had a great time in Sonoma this past weekend, and though I've been fighting my phone to get so-so quality photos from the trip, I finally got them.  Well, some of them.  I'll save you the sad details and jump right into a few photos from Sonoma.

I didn't believe it when people told me that I would like Sonoma a lot more than Napa, but I think they're right.  The crowd in Sonoma is much younger, the restaurants are more open to experiment with different flavor profiles and combinations, and most of the wine tastings are complementary.  What could be better than that?  Be warned though, that if you visit Sonoma during the summer, it is hot.  But it's much better than this cold weather we've been having in the city.  Summer in Sonoma seems like the perfect place for a picnic and a great chilled wine.  

The view from the Arrowwood Winery balcony

White chocolate truffle with Himalayan sea salt and fleur de sel chocolate caramels at HKG
(Chocolate and wine pairing.  We got a voucher from our first stop at VJB)
I was thoroughly impressed by both the food (since all the chocolates, desserts, and savory foods are made in-house) and the wines at HKG.  The salt on the chocolates really brought out the flavor of the chocolate and the wines and I've had a serious fleur de sel craving ever since.

Squid ink ravioli with chorizo and halibut

We couldn't resist but to bring a few thing back from Sonoma.  We'll definitely have to go back since this time we didn't have dinner and there are so many other wineries we would love to try.  O and the Glen Ellen Market is definitely a place I want to go back to.

Salami, olives, and cheese from the Glen Ellen Market

The fleur de sel chocolate caramels and white chocolate truffles with Himalayan sea salt from HKG winery.

Sugo Baldoria from VJB.  We got a few other things as well but we haven't unpacked them from the tissue paper yet so I thought I'd just shoot this one first.

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