Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Delarosa Before the Rain

As we speak, the sky is falling. Well, no, not literally...but it might as well--it's pouring out! Happy June 1st to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before this relentless storm hit, Matt and I were able to enjoy Sunday lunching out on the sidewalk, and what better place in the city to do this than in the Marina. I love the Marina, it's like our own little Balboa Island but bigger and better (take that, Newport!). It's a great place to eat, shop, and people watch--especially when it's sunny. Needless to say, it was busy out. For a city that's foggy and cold 99% of the time, we tend to all come out as soon as the sun peeks through. Yes, we're that sun deprived.

Matt and I just happened to stumble upon Delarosa--there was plenty of sidewalk seating, they had electric orange chairs, and it seemed to be fairly busy (minus the wait we saw at other restaurants that day). Luckily for us, we got a table outside. The outdoor seating is a bit snug, our first thought when we sat down, practically elbow flirting with the table next to us, was "This is awkward". But the draw of this place is the intimate seating and the good rustic food. So what else is there to do but suck it up and enjoy the weather and the food?

So here's what I was talking about in my last post: our paparadelle obsession--a totally unnecessary bowl of pasta. We ordered a prosciutto di parma pizza with mozzerella and arugula, and beer steamed mussels...did we really need the pasta? Apparently, yes.

Everything was incredibly good and only made better by the sun and the outdoor seating. The pizza was my favorite part of the meal; it was cracker thin and super crispy. Can you say "mMM Mmm good" to prosciutto di parma? We'll definitely be back for more pizza and for the burrata--something I've recently fallen in love with because of work.

O and look, the sun decided to come out after all. I don't think it'll last though, but I guess we'll see.

Eat up!

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