Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's been a while and I'm sorry. I really have no good excuse other than the weather and my wine binges for both class and pleasure have been keeping me from updating this darn thing (well, that and catching up on sleep). But to keep from sounding like a sleepy, tired, old lady who hoards cats and binge drinks red wine, I'll just simply stick with the age old excuse, "I've been busy".

For your patience, you get two posts for the price of one! The pictures are of a lesser quality than I'd like them to be, but at this point they are what they are. They really don't do the food as much justice as I would like, heck, they don't do the food justice at all. So I'll try to describe Dopo the best I can in hopes that you will forgive my sorry attempt at good food photography and just give Dopo a try because you simply trust my opinion.

The first time Mat and I came here to Dopo was when we first moved back to the Bay Area from Orange County. This was the moment we felt like, "O yes, we're back!" Why? Because the food was incredible! Fresh pasta, intimate atmosphere, and incredible flavors that were a stone's throw away. No more traveling over three freeways, no more going to the same five tried and true restaurants this was amazing--this re-opened culinary doors.

The thing that I love about Dopo is that the Menu changes regularly and the bread, the salumi, and some cheese are made in house so the freshness and quality are guaranteed. Their pasta is always cooked to a perfect al dente and I'm always incredibly impressed by their simple presentation and harmonious flavor combinations.

Sea urchin salad

Razor clam spaghetti

Crab ravioli in butter and chive sauce

The bill was enclosed in tan card stock with the words "Meet the wine maker dinner" on the front, listing in a few short words what the event that Sunday was going to be about. Say no more...

This was essentially a 5 course meal inspired by the meal the Chef/ Owner had at the wine maker's home in southern Italy. Bruno, the wine maker, invited John, the chef of Dopo, to have a meal prepared by his wife. John happily attended.

Each course was paired with a wine made from Bruno's 27 hectare vineyard in Campania.

Fresh ricotta and mozzerella with house made charcuterie and house made bread
Wine: NV Vino Spumante "Selim"

Insalata di frutti di mare
Seafood salad with shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, and octopus with a citrus and herb dressing
Wine: 2009 Cilento Fiano "Donnaluna"

Conchiglie with spinach and fresh ricotta
Ricotta and spinach stuffed shells
Wine: 2008 Cilento Aglianico "Donnaluna"

Braciola di maiale
Braised pork with mash
Wine: 2005 IGT Paestum Aglianico "Naima"

Torta di marscapone with straberries
Mascarpone torte with strawberry sauce
Wine: Aglianico Passito "Ra!"

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