Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Taste of Hong Kong in Vancouver

Vancouver is known to be one of the hot spots for many Hong Kong immigrants. Home to over 580,000 East and South East Asians (which is roughly 28% of the over all population in vancouver), it's no wonder why the food here is so reminiscent of that in Hong Kong.

Tonight im enjoying just a small piece of it.

As I walked into the shopping plaza call Yaohan, a well-known shopping center in Hong Kong, it brought back nostalgic memories of my past trips to Hong Kong as a child. There was a Chinese supermarket when I first entered on my left hand side, little kiosk stands selling sweat pants, house slippers and other miscellanious items, and to my right was the food court.

I made a trip to the supermarket first to buy some breakfast for tomorrow, and to take a look at what they had. It's always fun to explore new supermarkets.
After buying some food for tomorrow's breakfast and road trip, I made my way out to the food court wehre there were a handful of Chinese food stands.

As i made my way around the food court, one stand in particular caught my eye; a curry stand. Well, you ask, how can something so simple as a Chinese curry stand catch my eye? My answer would be, because they were selling curry fish balls with pork skin. Mmm Mmm delicious.
It's a quiet little stand in one corner of the food court. Discrete, white; nothing flashy nothing fancy, just a stand with tubs of fish ball and pork skin curry. One wiff of that mouth watering curry made me salivate like crazy.
White bouncy fish balls and crunchy pig skin soaked through and through with a liquidy curry sauce waiting on a hungry passer-by to stop for a taste.
I asked the lady behind the counter how the curry was sold, she replied in Chinese "one dollar for three fish balls adn one dollar for five pieces of pork skin. What a steal! (Pretty good deal considering the exchange rate is 1 dollar US for 90 cents Canadian, since the US dollar isn't worth anything these days). And it turns out that when they put the fish balls and pork skin in a bowl for customers, they drain off the liquidy curry and pour on a more viscous and more pungent (and SPICY) curry on top. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this dish!

When I got back to my hotel room, the first thing I busted out of its plastic bag was the curry fish balls and pork skin, and let me tell you, you really have to try it yourself because words can't even begin to describe how good this was. Very similar to that of Hong Kong. Who knew that I would be taking a culinary trip to Hong Kong in Vancouver.

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