Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fest & The Flea

Feeling a little defeated lately.  Filling this blog with all my musings and sometimes mindless banter helps set my mind straight.  (Thanks for the therapy sessions!) Sometimes it feels like my mind goes at a million miles an hour and my body just can't keep up.  Things have been changing recently and I hate when I feel like I'm not in control...I also probably bit off more than I can chew...It's frustrating, really.  If there is one thing you should know about me it's this: I'm an optimistic neurotic obsessive control freak.   So it's time to take all the bullshit by the reigns and set it all straight.

Thank God for Owl City and Sky Sailing though, it's helped me trudge through this crazy weekend.

Anyways, what I lined up for this past weekend were the Gilroy Garlic Festival and The Treasure Island Flea Market; two events that I've been anxiously waiting for all month long, in fact I've been itching to go to the Gilroy Garlic Festival since I was 11.  We also got to break open the bag of Pasta di Gragnano I got from work which we tossed with one of the sauces that we bought from VJB the weekend Matt and I went to Sonoma. 

I guess you can call this a photo log of my weekend with the Matt. 

Here we go.

I'm a huge fan of garlic.  Huge.  I used to watch Emeril Lagasse religiously all throughout high school because "bam"-ing the gahhh-lic just never got old.  I remember when I managed to convince my entire family to eat at Tchoup Chop one year when we went to Orlando.  That was probably one of the best memories in my entire life.

I digress.

Yes, I love garlic.

Matt mentioned to me this morning that I should have taken a picture of the traffic getting to Gilroy.  It seemed like everyone was headed for the garlic festival.  A normally one hour drive took us about two and a half hours.  When we finally reached the parking lot, a long hike down a steep rocky hill awaited us in the scorching heat.  They really should have warned us there was a mile walk, some people were wearing flip flops and there were lots of families with grandmas and grandpas.  Before we even reached the event we were exhausted by both the walk and the drive.

To make matters worse, there were massive lines at every booth and barely any shade or seating anywhere.  Everyone huddled under one tent like sweaty pigs scavanging for shade and seats.  It was insane.

Beer battered fries with crab and garlic aioli and calamari

The polish dog that we were too full to finish.

Roast corn with garlic butter
It was the best part of the festival.

I was so sad that we didn't get the one thing that I came here for, Garlic ice cream.  We stood here, a whole crowd away, at the end of the line for about a minute in the sweltering sun and thought to ourselves..."nevermind". 

We probably won't be going  back to the Gilroy Garlic Festival.  It was a good experience, but as Matt put it "It's like the OC Fair but without the rides."  Nothing was as garlicy as I had expected it to be and it was just way too hot to really enjoy ourselves. 

We went home that night and pulled out the bag of Pasta di Gragnano and the VJB sugo of olives, capers, and anchovies and got to cooking instead.

On Sunday, we went to the Treasure Island Flea Market.  I've heard mixed reviews about this, but I found some really nice pieces here.  Some people have called it more of a crafts fair instead of a flea market, which I do agree with, but regardless, some of the things the vendors were selling were great finds. 

This was my first time on Treasure Island.  How amazing is the view? 

I came away from the flea market empty handed, the only thing I was really looking for were some nice bowls and plates but I didn't find any that I liked (and cowboy boots but I couldn't find any in my size).  On the other hand, grumpus Matt, who hates all things vintage, found himself a really nice cast iron pan! On the way out of the fair, a guy (I'm guessing who was also dragged to the flea market by his girlfriend) said, "Hey! That guy got a cast iron pan!"  That made Matt pretty proud of his find.   In fact, the guy saw Matt pointing him out to me as he was telling me who envied his pan.  The guy then approached us to ask which vendor we bought it from.  I guess the secret to getting boyfriends to go to flea markets is to tell them, "There will be TONS of cast iron pans!" It's like dogs to bacon.  So I guess it worked out. 

I wonder what the first thing he's going to make with his cast iron pan is.  What ever it is, I'm sure it will be blog worthy!

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