Thursday, August 18, 2011


With all this fog sometimes it's hard to remember why I love San Francisco so much.  But yesterday's little escape to Washington Square Park, where a little break in the clouds invited the sun in, with two of my girlfriends reminded me of that.

I'm not a huge fan of sandwiches.  I never quite know how to attack them and I'm a bit of a prick--I have to wipe my hands between bites.  I must admit though, this sammie from La Boulange was spectacular.  The bread was buttery and light, the flank was medium rare and tender, tomatoes were sweet, and of course I was sold by the peppery arugula.

It was a great day of catching up, a sandwich that changed my mind about sandwiches, and a reminder of why I love this city so much.

I foresee many more days like this in the near future.  And by that, I mean next week!

PS: I've really taken a liking to Adele's songs recently, so I wanted to leave you with one that I've found very touching "Someone Like You".

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