Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burma Star

I'm a huge fan of Burma Star in San Francisco! But when I get off of work in the East Bay, at PRIME traffic hour, the last thing I want to do is sit though traffic before dinner. So, when Matt told me that there was a Burma Star in Alameda, we rushed our butts over there to get some grub.
This fish stew is something that I had a few times growing up. My mom's Burmese friends would cook up large pots of this stuff, and give my mom potfuls to bring home and enjoy. My favorite part of this soup was definitely the fried, crunchy stuff you put on top (I think it's friend mung bean chips, but my mom says it's corn...we'll have to find out for sure). This is definitely a meal within itself, a rich fish broth with hard boiled egg and noodles.
The home-cooked version my mom's friends make, in my opinion, is much better. It's more flavorful, and dense than the one we had at Burma Star. I'm also used to having it with ho fun (or thick rice noodles) this one came with the thin rice noodles which didn't hold up to the soup very well.

Nonetheless, it's a good substitute for now...until my mom's friends decide to make another batch!

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