Sunday, October 10, 2010


I had never had Moroccan before, and while many may argue that a one Michelin star Moroccan restaurant isn't exactly the best place to have authentic Moroccan food, (and though I may agree), I definitely was satisfied that this was the place Matt and I chose as an preface to the Moroccan food places we'll be visiting in the VERY near future.

(Sorry, the photos came out very blurry. We were trying to discrete and not use flash, but when you're SO excited that you just want to dive in to your's difficult to have a steady hand)

Chicken Crackling Salad
Each piece of chicken skin was fried into a paper thin chip that complemented the freshness of the avocado and tomatoes perfectly. It was such a simple and refreshing salad, and really, who can say no to chicken crackling?

A pastry filled with chicken, almonds and spices. This thing was HUGE! The basteeya alone would have sufficed as a meal. The server cut this into fours and I had to take a quarter of it home.

This was cooked to perfection. It had been a while since we went out to eat that I had a perfectly cooked piece of fish.

With an egg! You know this is something we had to order!
Blackberry Mousse

Matt and I were impressed by how simple each dish seemingly was, but we were proven wrong as each mouthful presented us with a complex combination of flavors and textures. Delicious and oddly enough, very affordable for a Michelin star rated restaurant.

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