Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Have Discovered Irish Butter!

So I've stumbled upon what I consider a great find, IRISH BUTTER! Okay, so some of you out there may be Irish Butter spreading regulars, but humor me and let me bask in the glory of my delicious find.

How I discovered it:

So my foodie bestie, who I suppose shall not be named but knows who she is, introduced me to a fellow food blogger, Molly Wizenberg and her wonderful writings in the Orangette. So my foodie bestie told me about one of Molly's recommendations: sliced raddishes, butter, and salt, on bread. Seems kind of out of the ordinary right? Questionable even. But trust me it's really good. Anyways, I went on a hunt for really great European butter that SMELLS extremely rich and is as yellow as an egg yolk, boderline orange, I would venture to say.

When I went to my local grocery store, I was determined to buy butter that I had never bought before. (I'm big on bread and I know it sounds strange that I would go butter hunting, but trust me it was worth the ridiculousness). And I walked over to the butter section and found this gold foil wrapped butter and, well, it being gold, caught my eye.

"Irish butter?"

Yes, and I do mean imported from Ireland! Let me tell you, it's great! The butter flavor really shines through, it's rich, it's creamy, and it's IRISH!

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