Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Farmer's Market

I woke up at the wee early hours of 7 this sunny Saturday morning and decided to go to the farmer's market, which is quite literally a 2 second walk from my Irvine apartment.
I love how it's within walking distance! I really feel like my doing my part at staying green! So with my reusable Whole Foods canvas bag, a sun dress, sunglasses, and sandals; I headed out the door ready to start my morning right.
Going to the farmer's market makes me feel healthier, happier, and like I kicked off my Saturday morning in a productive way. I promised myself that I would be a regular there. It would absolutely be a shame if I let these years in college pass by without frequenting the market since most people would kill to live as close as I do to one.
One thing I did regret not doing was bringing my camera so I could post up some pictures of the market itself. But since I did promise myself to frequent the market, I'm not too horribly let down but the absence of my camera. There will always be next weekend! It's not a huge market like the one in San Francisco's Ferry Building. But it's a nice small town farmer's market that has a nice variety of fruits, veggies, flowers, live music, fresh seafood, tamales, hummus, breads, coffees, cakes, cookies, and even odds and ends like photos, dresses, scarves, etc.
It probably sounds cliche, but I love the feeling of knowing where your food comes from, and knowing that's it's not mass produced and genetically tampered with. The vendors are extremely friendly and will let you sample almost all of the products that they're trying to sell you. And almost 99% of the time, what they're trying to sell you is delicious and hard to turn down.
So as I headed home with what looks to be a sack of fresh produce. I'm ready to make some breakfast with the great stuff that I bought, and head out to the pool to read and enjoy the rest of my day!

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