Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Eating alone is never fun. Well not for me at least. I also hate seeing other people eating alone. Eating is something that should be shared with someone close to you. Meal times are meant for you to stop, phone a friend, "Do you want to grab a bite to eat?", "Of course!"; the ideal answer. I'm not totally concerned with what I'm eating as long as I'm eating with someone, a friend, a family member, or a lover.
Yes, it's true that great food does put a smile on my face, but the company that shares the foodie experience with you totally matters. TOTALLY. I can enjoy fra grois alone of course, but why would I want to? I would much rather dish out $20+ on fra grois and someone to talk to about how much I love the flavor and texture and fra grois pairings.
I have to warn you though, I'm a talkative eater! If you're someone who likes to enjoy their meal in complete silence *cricket, cricket*, I am not the right companion for you. I like the conversation, ranging from, "What did you do today?" to "The gumbo you made is really great!" to "Mmm! I love the fried tofu!" to "Soy protien meat is not my favorite thing...", to "Wine?", "Dessert?"
It puts a smile on my face when the topic of dessert comes up after a meal. It means that the meal doesn't have to end nor does the company. Though sadly, half the time I fail at leaving room for the long desired dish of creme brulee or the warm chocolate lava cake. What I usually do is kick off the conversation my perusing the dessert section of any menu, and finding the one I want, tell my foodie buddy that I want to save room for dessert. Then what usually happens, is that I never have room! The curse that I like to call "my eyes are WAY bigger than my stomach" crosses my mind. I think the hardest part about loving food the way I do, is that it hurts to walk away from a place knowing you didn't get to try everything you wanted to try on the menu.
Even if when I cook a meal, it's always more fun to cook with someone. And STILL I think about dessert after! Sometimes my sweet tooth and my stomach take on a mind of their own! And sometimes, when they agree, the gym sees me more often!
So eat well, and eat happy, and most importantly NEVER EVER eat alone...
Eating for simple sustenance is not as enjoyable as eating for conversation or eating for savoring the moment, the food everything.

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