Saturday, July 26, 2008


Seafood in a bag? No utensils? Butcher paper on the tables? Absolutely absurd right? WRONG! It's a delicious way to enjoy the fruits of the sea. Here at Claws in Westminster, seafood is served the modest way, an almost down right savage way, but really what better way to eat than with your hands over some paper out of a pastic bag?
I LOVE this place. It has a variety of seafood from clams to crawfish, to king crab legs, to mussles, to shirmp you name it, they've probably got it, and it all comes in a bag with your choice of seasonings and level of spicyness. (When my boyfriend and I go, we get the "cannonball" it's butter, salt, pepper, and some other spices and we like it spicy too!) And all the seafood in a bag is served with a side of lime, salt, and pepper. ( I like to squeeze a few limes into my salt and pepper condiment cup for dipping).
It's a really fun way to eat if you like getting messy! And don't worry about your clothes, they provide you with a bib to prevent any of the splattering (and trust me the sauce DOES splatter) on any of you beautiful clothing. It's a good first date kind of place if you LOVE seafood and if you're into ice breakers and aren't all that into the fancy shmancy stuff. (Plus it's affordable...cha ching!) You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on pounds and pounds of seafood like you would at a five star restaurant.
And for those who are less adventurous and/or less messy, they of course have fork and knife foods too. They have gumbo and jambalaya which are also very good. They also have, my favorite: delicious and fresh oysters on a half shell.
Rest assure that you'll walk out of Claws a happier person; glad that you're full, the people you brought are full, you had fun, you ate a TON of seafood, and you wallet isn't coughing up dust.

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