Friday, July 25, 2008

The OC Fair

Giant turkey leg, giant western sausage, kabobs, fried twinkie, fried oreo, frozen lemonade, chili dog, shoe string french fries, smoked corn on a cob, apple fries, frozen yogurt, chili cheese fries, hot wings; need I say more? This sounds like a GREAT evening at the Orange County Fair. Did I mention that this was only the beginning?
Sure the fair has a lot of great things to offer: wild rides that defy gravity, water rides that drench you in questionably clean water, ten Chinese acrobats riding on one bicycle, a petting zoo, games, and a mysterious GIANT horse (which I was tempted to see, but wasn't about to pay a dollar to possibly witness a Shaq O'Neal sized horse), but there was one thing, and only one thing that I was interested in: FAIR FOOD. Now you ask, "The fair offers dozens of varieties of foods, how do you propose one girl tackle all the food stands?", my answer "I don't. I go to the fair on an empty stomach (ie: not having eaten for eight hours), I eat all the foods I can in one evening, and save the rest of the stands for another day, the perfect excuse to return to the fair. O and don't forget to bring a friend who loves to eat too, it helps to share the food adventure."

Today, I think I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves:

Giant Turkey Leg and Giant Western Sausage with peppers and onions

Frozen lemonade

I should probably mention that I had a chili cheese dog, grilled corn and a fried twinkie before indulging in the GIANT turkey leg (which...I have to admit was delicious, but it defeated me), and before washing it all down with a sweet and tangy frozen lemonade. A perfect recipe for a satisfying food coma.

I probably spent about $40-50 on food alone that evening, but it was worth it.

Great food, great company, great evening.

I love the fair!

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