Friday, September 9, 2011


I've taken a curiosity to canning after spending an entire afternoon on Marisa's blog Food In Jars.  If you've never been, I seriously suggest you visit.  It's only fair that I warn you, days if not weeks, will be lost browsing through her site of intriguing jams, preserves, and pickle recipes.  I've always flirted with the idea of making fruit preserves or perhaps even pickled peppers of some sort but it all seems so intimidating what with sanitizing, making the perfect brine, creating the most amazing combination of flavors and so forth.  But after looking through all of her unique recipes and the impresiveness of others' collections, my curiosity has been sparked yet again. 

In addition to Paella this weekend (finally going to pick up a pan and some saffron, and am so excited!), I predict that there may be some end of summer canning coming my way as well.  Though I'm afraid I might have missed the best batches of sweet summer fruit...

(all photos via Food in Jars)

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